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Pass muter with ce conformity

Ideal bridge design (column move) can bear heavy duty work-piece above on the compact basement.


Model Unit CM A53C
Table size (WxD) mm/inch 650x400/25.6x15.7
Work tank size (WxDxH) mm/inch 1100x640x400/43.3x25.2x15.7
Table trave (X,Y) mm/inch 500x350/19.7x13.8
Ram travel (Z1) mm/inch 350/13.8
Distance from RAM platen to work table mm/inch 300~650/11.8~25.6
Max. electrode weight kg/lb 100/220
Max. workpiece weight kg/lb 1000/2200
Outside dimensions mm/inch 1910x1800x2280/75.1x70.8x89.7
Weight kg/lb 2230/4840
For Dielectric - DA53

Power Supplier Unit
Model Unit 50N 75N - -
Max. machining current A 50 75 - -
Max. power input KVA 4 5 - -
Electrode wear rate % 0.2 0.2 - -
Best surface roughness μm/Ra 0.25 0.25 - -
Outside dimensions mm Built in Built in - -
Weight kg Built in Built in - -

Model Unit DA53
Volume L 480
Filter method Paper filter
Pump Power HPxset 0.5
Weight kg Buit in
Outside dimensions mm Buit in

Standard Accessories
  • Paper Filter x1SET
  • Clamping Kit x1SET
  • Tool Box x1SET
  • Flushing nozzle x2SETS
  • Machine stand x1SET
  • Drill Chuck x1SET
  • Electrode holder x1SET
  • Halogen work lamp x1SET

Optional Accessories
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Magnetic base
  • Tool changer
  • C axis
  • CE conformity

  • Comply with CE conformity, bridge design to fit heavy workpieces with small footprint.
  • Linear glass scale with close-loop control system for consistent precision over time.
  • Friendly dialogue PC BASED CNC controller for easy operation.
  • Intelligent CNC editing, working program is made automatically after inputting electrode and workpiece materials, and size of electrode. Prevent arcing from finish machining, known with APC protection circuit.

Controls 1

  • Main Control : Industrial Personal Computer
  • 15'' TFT (old CRT) + OP
  • DOS Application
  • XYZ DC Servo Motor
  • Standard 3 Axes linear scale
  • Option: C Axis : 3R/EROWA/CHMER
  • Option: Tool Changer
  • XYZ Position : Show on TFT


Controls 2
  • Using CHMER's exclusive CNC and proprietary software, we can provide the user with the latest software updates continually to optimize the machine functions and take advantage of new machining technologies.
  • Using IPC586 CPU board
  • CPU spec's 586 400
  • High capacity CF card (1 G bytes)
  • 15” full color TFT LCD screen
  • All software and hardware are with full authorization.
  • Being the first in Taiwan, CHMER is the first to completely master the total development and build of the High Speed Controller from start to finish internally. In this field, CHMER technology is ahead of the industry. CHMER is totally responsible for the complete production procedures including circuit board design, printing board inspection and software R&D. This gives CHMER customer advantage’s of getting exclusive developments quickly and economically


Motion card
  • Input/Out Frequency - 3MHz pps
  • Motor Encoder - 7 channel
  • Selection of pulse Format - A/B Phase;Pulse/Direction;CW/CCw
  • Pulse Number - 1023~32767


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